Friday, January 2, 2009

A Sneak Peak @ the Challenge

Here is what the challenge is all about. First, I know for the guys your first thought is “Awesome! I am going to set some kind of record or something here. Seven days of sex!” And, you are right to some degree but this is not just a physical deal. Sure, in the challenge there is going to be physical intimacy for seven straight days BUT, the real goal is true intimacy.

People want to know how to affair proof their marriages these days. The only way I know how to do it is for there to be intimacy in the marriage. And I mean physical, but also emotional intimacy and even spiritual intimacy. So that is what the challenge is really about. Creating REAL intimacy over the next seven straight days.

Now, I also know for you ladies you might be thinking this will never work because it is so forced and all the expectations and… I get that. I know how you guys like spontaneity in romance. BUT, the reality is at some point you have to make a decision for intimacy if that is what you really want. And, it may seem a little forced and scheduled but by the end of the Seven Day Sex Challenge the trajectory of your marriage will be changed. The effort you make will pay off the Bible says.

So here is the deal. To get to REAL intimacy there are a few commitments you have to make during the Seven Day Sex Challenge. The first commitment is that for the next seven days you will be committed to each other:

Spiritually. Each day on this website there will be scripture reading for you to do together as a couple. And, when you are done pray together (or for each other) even if you never have done it. Be spiritually committed to each other for seven days. Then the second commitment is to be committed to each other:

Emotionally. This is where you turn off the TV, put the cell phone away, and spend time being attentive to each other. Guys, picking on you… look her in the eyes and listen to her! Really be there with her and rekindle that emotional fire, communicate with each other! Finally, be committed to each other:

Physically. Yes this is the sex part, this is the “Let’s get it on” time, but don’t forget the foreplay and the cuddling and the caressing. We need physical touch to feel loved. It is the way we are made so take time to just physically touch each other and then also be committed to having sex for seven straight days.

The challenge begins on Monday! Don't miss the message series "Sex and the Suburbs" at Church of the Suncoast this weekend at 10am.

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